Armenian Festival , Inc.

Armenian Festival of Orange County.

The Armenian Festival is a pan-Armenian 501(c) (3) tax-exempt charitable organization dedicated to community betterment through facilitating communication, understanding and collaboration Tax-ID Number:20-2890117

Mission Statement

Armenian Festival of Orange County.
“The mission of the Armenian Festival is to provide an opportunity for all individuals and groups in the Armenian community, through fellowship and goodwill, to convene within a unified organizational structure to better inform the public of the values and virtue of the Armenian community, the Armenian people, their history, culture and contributions to society by producing exceptionally high quality, enjoyable public events which fund charitable activities worldwide.”

Statement of Core Values

Armenian Festival of Orange County.

We disseminate accurate information about and promote the Armenian people, their history, their culture, their religion, their contributions to mankind and their country absent any divisive or rancorous political, religious, geographic or personal differences, causes, or beliefs or dogma of any individual or group in the Armenian Community participating in any activity of our organization;

As Americans of Armenian descent, whether recent or distant, while celebrating and sharing our culture and history, affirm our allegiance to the United States America, whose blessings of liberty and justice have provided generations of Armenian Americans with opportunity, bounty and fulfillment unimaginable elsewhere;
We shall not bar the contribution or participation of any individual or group of Armenian descent, determined solely by the individual who considers himself to be Armenian, who supports our Mission and abides by our Core Values;
We shall not disparage, diminish, depreciate, denigrate or otherwise invalidate in any form, or manner, any individual or group member of the Armenian Festival, its participants, its sponsors, executives, committee members, organizations, Board members or event attendees;
We shall have the right, within proscribed procedures and process, to educate and enlighten any individual or group member of any transgressions of these Core Values, and failing that, after an appropriate and reasonable effort, if necessary, discharge the individual or group from the Armenian Festival for such cause.

Executive Committee

Armenian Festival of Orange County.

Paul Aslanian

Greg Sermabeikian

Lydia Tutunjian

Alishan Halebian

Kathleen Kurkjian

Rafi Aslanian

Sosy Garakhanian